Happy heifers, Taranaki, NZ.

New Zealand Grazing is focused on reliably growing dairy heifers to the highest standard, our experience has been gained working alongside thousands of farmers around the country. We were selected by Fonterra and Silver Fern Farms to grow their young livestock.

Why have so many farmers chosen to work with New Zealand Grazing? Learn more about our approach to growing a great heifer

We take great care to monitor the health and growth of each dairy heifer grazing with us. We weigh our heifers every month, and record health treatments.

Every month we report on heifer growth toward our planned individual target weights, and provide a full stock reconciliation.

We offer excellent value for money, our MDM (modeled dry matter) payment system takes into account the unique feed requirement of your growing heifers and links financial reward with achieving planned targets.

Like to find the true cost of your weekly rate heifer grazing in $ per kg dry matter?

How much dry matter does it take to grow your dairy heifers?

Find out using our free online MDM Simulator

For heifer grazing prices and availability in your area, please phone 0800 108 494 and ask for your local manager:

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

Taranaki, Manawatu & Wairarapa

0275 109 667

Bridget Clark

Bridget Clark

Hawkes Bay & Operations Manager

027 576 0600

Are you an experienced Heifer Grazier with a history of excellent and reliable heifer growth?

Our local manager would love to talk with you:

  • We offer competitive grazing rates, our payment system is designed to reward the best heifer growers.
  • We take care of invoicing and contract planning, and we have a 30 year history of making payment on time.
  • We have a team of experienced field technicians to assist in the yards with monitoring and animal health.

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