Jersey Service Bulls


NZ Grazing can provide high quality Jersey Service Bulls for your herd.

NZ Grazing’s own team of  Jersey Yearling and 2-year-old service bulls

Bulls with lifetime traceability and Health Management

NZ Grazing Bulls …..

All NZ Grazing bulls are very well grown, in the North Island and owned by New Zealand Grazing Co Ltd and have been selected and prepared for use over our yearling dairy heifers from 4 days old. All our bulls have full lifetime traceability with every Nait location recorded within our NZGrazing database.

Their specification status is industry ‘best practice’ and exceeds the recommendations made by the InCalfBook.

Our Service Bulls all meet the following criteria and we can provide a BULL HEALTH CERTIFICATE as evidence of the date of each of the following:


  • TB Free – Cadual fold Tested
  • BVD Free – Antigen Test (PI – Persistently Infected)
  • BVD and IBR – ‘Hiprobovis® vaccination
  • EBL tested clear
  • Leptospirosis Vaccination
  • Ultravac 6 in 1 vaccination
  • Parasite drench program
  • LIC ‘MINDA’ recorded
  • High BW sons of Ambreed and LIC sires available
  • Liveweight records available

Each year we have a limited number of  yearling and 2-year-old bulls available for sale (and sometimes lease) to non-clients of NZ Grazing.

Please enquire to your local NZ Grazing Service manager

or by EMAIL to providing:

1. Your name, address and contact phone numbers.

2. The name, address and contact phone numbers of the farm location and date for deliveryof bulls.

3. Number of bulls you require and breed of heifers they are to be used on.

4. We will reply with lease detail and price.