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On this page we have collated some stories from farmers we have helped to grow profitable heifers. See below for these real world farming stories.

Graham Brown, Northland Grower Farmer: NZ Grazing Service Manager: Ruth Marriot.

Graham Brown is a grower farmer from Northland, who I have had the pleasure of working with for the past 10 years.

Over this time he has successfully managed over 4000 animals for our company, being a mixture of heifers, bulls and a few steers. 

The average performance on all the heifer lines Graham has managed is 40 kgs above their target heading back to the owners.

Graham is an extremely reliable and pro-active grower with a can-do attitude,  The kind of person NZ Grazing and myself love to work with.

The Wades, near Otane in the Hawkes Bay: NZ Grazing Service Manager: Bridget (Bid) Clark.

NZ Grazing is enjoying working with a fairly new grower farmer, The Wades near Otane who are demonstrating their ability to turn around previously underperforming heifers, knowing how to feed dairy heifers and with a keen eye for detail.

Barry and Glenda Wade’s farm is 347 hectares in Central Hawkes Bay, some flat but the majority is rolling and with some steeper contour at the back of the property. There is 18 hectares of pine trees and the remainder is grazing land.

We take the hassle out of managing your dairy heifers.