Meet Ruth Kitchen & Kevin Burke

“I am passionate about growing the best heifers, so they can benefit the production and profit of the platform in the Northland region.” 


With over 10 years of experience growing 2500 calves a year, Ruth brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and the Northland area.

Ruth Kitchen

(Service Manager)

I moved from England in 2002, what was meant to be for a couple of years and 20 years later I am still here.
My first job was milking cows and rearing calves in the Waikato. I moved from there to a management position of rearing 2500 calves and enjoyed that so much I stayed for 10 years.

I started working for NZ Grazing part-time while I was still rearing the calves dividing my time living in Northland and in the Waikato. I married and moved to Northland, and took over the role of NZ Grazing Northland service manager.

In my spare time, I have horses and love riding all over Northland with my husband and friends. The perfect blend of work and play while always being involved with the land.

Animals have always been my passion, producing the best replacements for dairy farmers while working alongside great growers that are just as passionate as me.

Kevin Burke

(Field Technician)

I live in sunny Northland near Whangarei with my wife on a small block grazing beef cattle. I have been involved in farming for the majority of my life, be it through having a number of lifestyle blocks rearing calves for finishing as well as being an AB technician.

In my current role, I get to assist our growers to do the best job that they can to achieve desirable results for all parties concerned. I enjoy working with Ruth, the Northland Service Manager, and with our grower and owner farmers to grow great animals and get the best results possible.









Northland predominantly has heifers undergrown entering the dairy platform. 
With my knowledge of rearing calves and 10 plus years of experience in growing
young stock, I understand how important it is to get your replacements up
and running pre-mating and pre-calving so you can reap the benefits of your

Contact Ruth

027 612 9149