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Leah Baldwin

Leah Baldwin

NZG South Director

Otago Southland Service Manager

0278 604 283

Meet your local service provider Leah Baldwin. Leah brings with her over 20 years experience from the dairy industry.

Leah’s a farmer too, she’s reared and grazed stock professionally for others. She’s been a sharemilker for 15 years, knows cows, the industry and the challenges. She works closely with you both, grower and owner. It’s a partnership.

Leah’s worn everyone’s hat, she’s been the dairy owner and the dairy grazer she knows where your coming from. Give Leah a call today.

Megan Cutherburtson

Megan Cutherburtson

Southland Weigh Technician

027 605 0254

Megan is the girl on the ground in Southland. Directly reporting to Leah she is the person in the yards, weighing and recording all your heifer information.

Megan has been a dairy calf rearer and AI tech assistant. She has a passion for dairy youngstock and works closely with our growers.

Lewis the dog

Lewis the dog

Co-driver and Chief Navigator

Otago Southland Assistant

Lewis has nearly 4 years experience with NZGS. His position as Meeter and Greeter and consuming Leah’s left over coffee is one he enjoys very much.